Wednesday 21 November 2007

Trying to remember

Reflective journal - I definitely missed out on that one, because I don't ever feel like jotting down whatever my learning experience is. I'm too impatient, and it's anyway different each time, depending on mood, time pressures, and the importance I allow it to have in the course of the day.

Googling my name - it's not a very common name, still - googling has random results because the sequence of results doesn't reflect anything in the way it features in my life. First my name comes up in the context of the Brookes wiki (confluence - our instance is designed and run by Brookes' Media Workshop) - there must be some kind of scary mechanism which makes entries come up in Google up high. Then there's some random entries of events I participated in, and projects I was involved with, and then I'm associated with fancy titles like 'Latin from the North' - thanks to the fact that I did CD cover designs for a jazz musician friend who has his own record label - SLAM. Then I come up in the context of Lollipop! That's not referring to the Mika song (funny presentation on YouTube at - don't listen to in its complete length!) In my case 'Lollipop' refers to a children's software product I was part of as an author in one of my previous lives ...

What did concern me last week was the flickr posting and the various concerns fellow course participants had. That was an eye opener, and it also made me remember thoughts I had previously regarding flickr and the likes, where I always must have managed to push the concerns into the background, or just not went public. Being cautious in the digital world can feel very inhibiting! With respect to something you're an immigrant in - i.e. the worldwide web - these concerns could stop us using good opportunities altogether if they become too prominent.

So much for now. Maybe I've just discovered my personal preference when using a blog: it can replace the effort to write a reflective journal - instead just use your blog!


Jan said...

You are right. Caution could prevent us from using social networking tools to their full potential. I bet people were cautious about telephones too years ago. So thanks... you've inspired me to be braver.

Rollercoaster said...

Yip I felt a bit wierd when I googled my name. It's a bit like emailing myself.... (since I don't have bits of string in my pocket as an aide-memoire.... why don't women's clothes have more pockets?!)

It is good to get more familiar with using these tools. Starts making blogging and commenting feel much more comfortable.

Unknown said...

I also discovered a few famous people share my name!